Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Family is the beginning and the end!!

Hi Folks

Welcome to my (our) blogspace. This is the first post and I'm not going to preach to you. I simply wish to create a warm space for likeminded people to share ideas and stories about how they view the role of family in our daily living.

Are families perfect? Can we do without families? Can we consider all evils as having been directly or indirectly caused by dysfunctional families?

And so on and so on. Over to you now. Let's keep our posts short and sweet and, off course, very warm.

Families keep it warm.

from the
Family Man


Family Man said...

Individuals have emerged as the focal point in society. We talk about the rights of the individual; the rights of the child; your constitutional rights, etc.

What we are now witnessing in society is how these rights are breaking down society. Is it not ironic that the very rights we dared to give individuals so as to boost society is now threatening the survival of society.

So I say: return to community and family rights.

Lesley Szabo said...

Families are like Fudge - Mostly sweet with a few nuts :)

Family Man said...

A wise man said: "Someone travels the whole world to find happiness and co es right back home to find it!"

I dream that all CSI strategies could focus on more on family projects...any project that will restore the family as the focal-point in society....the pivot!

Aubrene said...

All i can say is ....blood is thicker than water. And, when no-one has ur back someone in ur family will!!!!